new2.gif Chinese Dragon Robe Tapestry Pattern
Chinese Dragon Robe Tapestry Pattern
This is the pattern of the front of the Chinese Dragon Robe set in Tapestry form. The graph is provided as a word chart. The tapestry is about 18.1 x 12.2 inches, contains 19 colors. For peyote stitch.
Buy Now! Chinese Dragon Tapestry Pattern $16.00. 34 pages for download


Bogart and Bergman Pattern

Pattern charted for peyote stitch, and 20 Delica colors. Size: 7.7 x 6.6 inches

Download Bogart and Bergman Pattern $15.00 - 17 pages to download.


Hand Me Your Beads... and no one gets hurt!! Pattern

Hand Me Your Beads... and no one gets hurt!! Better than a written note to a bank teller, wear this next time you go bead shopping! If security nabs you, tell them "It's just a design". But in the meantime, you might get some beads flung at you!

I am not responsible for any trouble you get into, but I will take credit for any free beads you get!! :)

Panel is 3.45 x 5 inches. Uses 11 colors of Delicas For brick/peyote

Download - Hand Me Your Beads...Pattern $9.00 - 3 pages to download.


 Gnome and Friend Pattern

Panel is 3.1 x 5 inches. 29 Delica colors for peyote/brick stitch.

3 pages for download

Winter Park Pattern

8.5 x 9.9 inches*

54 colors


28 pages

Immediate Download

Titania's Awakening Pattern

8 x 12.5 inches*

51 colors


42 pages

Immediate Download

Starry Night Pattern

12.4 x 11.2 inches*

49 colors

60 pages

Immediate Download

Starry Night Pattern DL $15


Lady with a Fan Pattern

If you want an exquisite, lavish pattern, then this one is for you. Several shades of the real gold beads are used. Nothing else will make this pattern shine other than those beautiful beads. Pricey, but worth every single penny! You will be creating a museum piece. Gustov Klimt (the Art Nouveau artist who painted this piece) is know for his lavish use of gold in his paintings.

Pattern is provided as a word chart with word chart instructions, list of Delicas needed and thumbnail. Pattern is about 13 x 13 inches and uses 49 colors.

Download - Lady with a Fan Pattern $15.00 - 44 pages to download.

Symphony in Black Pattern

A classic in Art Deco Style. This tapestry is given as a word chart with list of Delica colors needed. For peyote.

Panel is 9.1 x 10 inches, 10 colors.

19 pages for download

Immediate Download

Symphony in Black 15.00

London Pattern

An art deco image of London's famous landmark: Big Ben This tapestry is for peyote, and uses 10 colors of Delica Beads. Offered as a word chart.

Panel is 6 x 16.3 inches

Download is 31 pages

Immediate Download

London Pattern Download Only $15.00


Cottage Pattern

9.5 x 13 inches*

54 colors


51 pages

Immediate Download

Lady of Shalott John Waterhouse $25

This tapestry is a large tapestry. It is 19.5 x 15.5 inches and uses 68 colors. It will undoubtedly be your masterpiece! 95 pages for download Peyote stitch word chart.


Immediate Download




The Harpest $15


A touching image of a grandfather plays for his granddaughter on Midsummer’s Eve.


13 x 16.8 inches, 51 colors, 64 pages for download. Peyote stitch word chart.

Immediate Download


Tristram and Isolde - John Waterhouse $15


This depicts the ill fated lovers of Gottfried von Strassburg which was set to a Wagnerian Opera. 


10 x 13.4 inches, 58 colors, 48 pages for download Peyote Stitch word chart.

Immediate Download



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